I am a coach, facilitator and leadership development specialist. Whether I am working on my own or with a team of trusted associates, I can help you make progress quickly when the going gets tough. I have worked in many different sectors and recently these have included the arts, not for profit, NHS and public arenas.

As a coach, I work with individuals improve performance, build confidence, cope with change or make vital career decisions.

With teams and groups, I start with where you need to get as a group and build on existing resources to get things moving quickly.

I have specialised in leadership development for several years and can help organisations build leadership programmes to develop capability and retain talent. I can help you build competency frameworks and 360 degree feedback.

In any of these, I can use Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a basis for dialogue and action-planning.

Books I have contributed to

The Case for Coaching

Solution Focused Management